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The scholarship committee was developed in 1964 to create a fund from which several scholarships are awarded annually to students pursuing a career in the food industry.  All scholarships are funded by donations from customers as well as one-half the proceeds from 50-50 ticket sales and drawings held at each monthly luncheon.  Prior to the first awarding of such scholarships, several club fund raisers were held to establish seed money on which to base the continued success of the scholarship awards and fund money.  Additional information can be obtained from any member of the scholarship committee.


In addition to community outreach activities, the scholarships are one of the ways we as a membership can directly impact our community and our trade. We would like to make the GMR scholarships much more valuable to those applying for them by increasing the scholarship amounts. As a result, we are excited to announce a new campaign aimed at increasing scholarship funds in better support of this initiative.


This new campaign will focus on member retailer contributors and promote recognition within the group and trade for your generous donations aided by the development of support tiers. Those who donate more generously will receive added name recognition directly attached to the scholarships. The details of the new tiers are as follows:



Donations to $250

Website recognition and formal acknowledgment at a GMR luncheon


Donations $251- $500

Website recognition, formal acknowledgment at a GMR luncheon and a plaque.


Donations over $500

All of the above in addition to a named scholarship donated on behalf of your organization and the GMR membership.



By working together, it is our desire to collectively advance the excitement of our scholarship program and create more of an awareness of the GMR's investment in the trade and community. Donations can be arranged by contacting:


Ryan Milburn, GMR Scholarship Chair



The GMR and our scholarship applicants appreciate your support!


Click here to print a copy of the scholarship application now.

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2016 Scholarship Recipients

Natalie Bryniczka - WMU
Sarah Carpenter - WMU
Jacob Crowell - WMU
Mariel Dehn - WMU
Joel Eyrich - WMU

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Brianna Amat - WMU
Abigayle Bernstein - WMU
Amber Picard - MSU
Elizabeth Walker - MSU

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Alexandra Gossen - WMU
Robert Scheck - WMU
Meredith Tarant - WMU
Elizabeth Walker - MSU

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Garrett Alstrom - WMU
Lindsey Chinavere - WMU
Holly Evey - WMU
Doug Wheelright - WMU

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Garrett Alstrom - WMU
Holly Evey - WMU
Vanessa Servin - MSU

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Alicia Dickinson - MSU
Kari Lazarski - WMU
Michael Lehman - MSU
Andrew Wieferich - MSU

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Devon Johnson - MSU
Ashley Miller - WMU
Danielle Wyatt - WMU

2009 Scholarship Recipients

Steven Bush
Nicolette Harvey
Mara Wenzler

2008 Scholarship Recipients

Amanda Bauer
Jennifer Juell
Karly Piontkowski

2007 Scholarship Recipients

Brent Berchou
Danielle Gier
Nia Harvey

2006 Scholarship Recipients

Richard Kriesel
Ryan Paruch

2005 Scholarship Recipients

Brett Cheaney
Ryan Puskala

2004 Scholarship Recipients

Autumn Krueger
Kristin Lupcke
Heidi Syswerda

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