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The Grand Rapids Grocery Manufacturers Representatives organization began with its first regular meeting in February 1942.  It adopted the following policy as it aims and purposes:

To foster and promote a feeling of fellowship among its members and generally to promote trade and  commerce.  To eliminate or minimize abuses, methods and practices inimical to the proper distributions of the product of manufacturers represented by its members.  To encourage the interchange of ideas among the members and their customers and to inspire a feeling of confidence in them for each other.

This club is run by a five member Board of Directors, five officers, and various committee members each year (

Club functions each year include:

Monthly member luncheons held the first Friday of each month except during the summer months, with invited guests and a speaker from the food industry customer base in Western Michigan .

A scholarship committee and program was developed in 1974 (  Several scholarships are awarded annually to college students involved in pursuing a career in the food industry.  All scholarships are funded by donations from customers as well as one-half the proceeds from 50-50 ticket sales and drawings held at each monthly luncheon.  Prior to the first awarding of such scholarships, several club fund raisers were held to establish seed money on which to base the continued success of the scholarship awards and fund money.  Additional information can be obtained from any member of the scholarship committee.

The annual Food Drive was established in 1987 to help provide food to needy families in the West Michigan area via the Salvation Army distribution system (Community Outreach).  This is fueled by member donation of food products as well as customer contributions each November.  It is run by a committee and member volunteers each year.  The Food Drive committee was expanded in 2008 to include additional volunteer activities involving the membership and renamed the Robert F. Dubes Community Outreach committee in memory of the founder of the food drive.

The website contains a GMR membership roster, updated annually based on membership renewals

A golf outing is held each May, typically the third Wednesday (  This is open to all members and invited guests.

The election of new officers and board members is held annually prior to the November meeting; each member having one vote.  Ballots are e-mailed in advance and are announced at the November luncheon.  The installation of new officers and board members is generally conducted at the first luncheon meeting of the calendar year.

The Membership Committee works on updating the membership each year (  This committee updates member mailing information, address changes, etc. throughout the year, to keep the regular mailings accurate.

Volunteers from the membership at large is critical to making each committee run smoothly each year.  Your participation is welcome for any event.  Please contact a committee chairperson and ask how you can help (

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